Perfume Mobile Phone Downloads!

NTT Communications Corp in Japan is currently testing a system which will allow mobile phone users to download perfumes and fragrances with their mobile phones. There is a trial ongoing with 20 people and if it is considered to be successful it looks likely that this will be rolled out commercially to mobile phone users worldwide.

It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie but this is very much science fact. The way it works is that each user is given an aroma pot containing 16 different essences which can be blended in different combinations to create different fragrances. The idea is that a user will choose a download on their mobile phone and this will trigger their aroma pot to create the desired scent. This could be very useful to set the mood for a romantic evening in with a lover or to help someone to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

If successful this will revolutionise the mobile phone industry and there is already talk of being able to send scents to other people via text message.


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