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The perfume line of singer Beyoncé Knowles has been surrounded in controversy for her sexy adverts. The adverts were banned from daytime television in the UK. It seems that they considered Beyoncé to be generating a little too much “Heat” for their liking.

Talking candidly about the fragrances Beyoncé explained the thinking behind naming the first fragrance Heat. According to her, it was because the scent comes off as “infectious”, and “It’s like something you can’t get enough of. It’s hot, it’s sexy, it definitely makes you feel like you caught the fever.” Beyoncé added that her favorite fragrance notes are red vanilla orchid, due to its “sexy”, “spicy” smell and honeysuckle because of it’s “sensual” and “sweet” smell. Beyoncé commented: “It was a lot of work but I was really really happy and I think it’s something I’ll be proud of 20 years from now.”